Maria Geltrude, CPA Geltrude & Co. Co-Founder is using her accounting skills to help others take stock of their surroundings

Businesswoman, entrepreneur, and CPA with a successful accounting practice for the last 29 years, Maria’s journey into Eastern philosophies and wisdoms led her to the ancient architectural studies of Vastu Shastra. Her travels to India, Italy, Egypt, and other countries expand her knowledge of architectural energetics. Maria has applied Vastu to homes and businesses to … Read more

Vastu Health and Well Being

Vastu for Health and Well Being Vastu can help us maintain our well being, and also create spaces in our homes that bring healing to our health on a mind, body and spiritual level. With the coronavirus having such an impact on our lives these days, Vastu can bring guidance from an alternative perspective. Health … Read more

Best Tips for Good Vastu in your Home Office

There is so much happening in the world right now that is forcing us to work from our own homes. Home offices are exactly what they are called. Spaces in our home that become our office and work output. There are always so many temptations when working from home. Vastu can help you set up … Read more

Develop Vastu Consciousness

Developing Vastu consciousness means formulating a way of thinking that connects us with the Universe all around us. Vastu is the study of directional and elemental vibrations. These vibrations are powerful enough to change how we think, what we feel and shift our perspectives on an unconscious level. A yantra is a visual representation of … Read more

What is Vastu?

Vastu, or, as it is technically known as Vastu Shastra, is the science of architecture from India. It comes from a body of knowledge known as the Vedas, and predates Feng-Shui by thousands of years. Vastu means building, and Shastra is the sacred teachings. Thererfore, Vastu Shastra is the science of building from the ancient … Read more

A Recent Trip to India

Maria in India

A recent trip to India deepened my studies of Vastu and the understanding of the true science it entails.  Vastu is the ancient wisdom of how energetic vibrations from the universe and the elements affect the environments that surround us, and ultimately affect our consciousness. Vastu is based on scientific calculations using weights and measures, directions … Read more