Additional Services


Lady Vastu coaching is a unique blend of all I have learned over the years. From Vastu to Jyotish to Eastern philosophies, Shamanic processes, Goddess Worship, Tantra and so much more.

Together, we will be guided to the appropriate channeled coaching needed to empower your Divine Spirit.

This is a customized individual program for each of my clients. A series of three over a six-week period is highly recommended.



Using a Vedic Eastern Astrology system known as Jyotish, also known as the science of illumination, I will provide you insight into your energy at that time of your birth as interpreted through this modality.

Each of us are born with an energetic imprint based on universal energies. This is based on how the Sun, the moon and the planets were positioned at the time of your birth. It is this imprint we take on when throughout our life’s journey.

By understanding and having awareness about our energetic makeup, we can influence change and empower our lives. Awareness is the key to making the changes we want and living a peaceful prosperous life.

You will receive remedies and guidance to help you overcome your challenges.