Vastu Altars

Vastu altars

Creating living altars in your home for wealth building, career success, good health, and harmonious relationships can truly change your life. I will perform an analysis of the needed energetic forces and determine where an altar should be placed. Personal altars put forth the highest intentions and desires into the universe, and will help manifest your dreams.

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Vastu Intention Altars are portals of power!
We will spend an hour together discussing the science of altar creation and manifestation. We will also discuss the intention and outcome you would like to achieve and how to establish a Vastu altar in the proper direction to influence the result.

You will learn how to properly set up an altar space and open a vortex that will help you create your intention. Altars can be created for love, wealth, health, career, or any specific area of your life you want to focus on.

Includes a second half-hour connection to ignite the altar together at a specific intentional astrologically chosen time.


This is a special opportunity to set intentions as we shift from one season to another. These seasonal shifts are filled with nature’s great power and can be used to propel our intentions and desires. Using similar techniques as that discussed in my Intention Altars of Power and Grace Service, we will work with the season’s energies to further enhance our work.

With a first-touch phone connection, you will be guided on how to set up an altar for the season using recommended elemental items as well as your own inspirational items.

Then we will have a second Zoom connection and ritual to ignite the altar.

Available only at specific times of the year, the seasonal altar ushers in the beautiful energy available from nature at the perfect entrance to the season with the artistic expression of you, and Lady Vastu as your guide.