Home Vastu

Vastu technology on a home, townhouse, condominium, or apartment will help promote better health, more fulfilling relationships, advances in career, and better finances. Vastu can be applied to homes or individual rooms for a more specific application to uplift and shift the energy flow.

Vastu can also be applied to landscape design, as well as for your home, to create the best flow for the dwelling.

Please note: Home & Business Mastery Services are quotable upon request. Amount shown is a deposit only.

We offer 3 levels of Home Vastu services:


This consultation will provide a basic understanding of how the placement of elemental features, arrangement and positioning of furniture, colors and decor can immediately be added or adjusted to shift and create better health, finances, love, career and overall life success using Vastu techniques.


Take it to the next level! Each direction in your home creates an energy that can support or debilitate you. In addition to the simple Vastu techniques discussed in the Basic Home Vastu consultation, we will discuss more effective techniques using directional and planetary energies that affect each area of the home, and how we can source to these energies to eliminate what is challenging and blocking your health, wealth, love, relationships, career and overall life success.

HOME MASTERY VASTU ~ Starting at $450

The highest level of Vastu technology application. Energetic architectural reconstruction performed by Lady Vastu. This will include the Basic and Advanced Home Vastu Consultation process and then lead into the powerful Home Mastery Vastu Remedial process.

This remedial process includes a day in your home applying energetic tools such as Energy Correction Devices, keystones, crystals, copper rods, and yantras applied to specific acupuncture points in the home to release blockages that may be holding you back from achieving success in your life. I will create and present architectural drawings, a write-up conclusion, and a final home blessing. At completion, you will receive a Vastu Environments Certificate of Home Vastu compliancy signed by Lady Vastu.

This process may also be performed remotely. I will guide you step by step with instructions and a Face-Time/Video connection.