Vastu Vault

Maria DeRobertis

Vastu is the Vedic science of directional and elemental influences, like Feng Shui in the Chinese system. It is the Veda (ancient teaching) of architecture and design.

We need to create environments at home and at work that support physically, psychology and spiritually our bodies, minds and spirits. 

The environments we surround ourselves with can create tremendous healing and abundance for us if we learn how to position ourselves properly between the Universe and the Earth. 

Vastu is organic and holistic in its approach. It is not a religion or a dogma, but a way to connect your spaces to the natural subtle energetic forces all around us.

My approach is unique to my artistry and presentation of this powerful science and technology.  I create distinguished environments that facilitate soul evolution and peace through my clients desires, personality and style.

I service NJ and NY only. Long distance Vastu is available.

Please watch the videos presented here which were prepared in collaboration with House of Funk interior design firm based in NYC and NJ.