Best Tips for Good Vastu in your Home Office

Home Office Setup with Vastu Shastra

There is so much happening in the world right now that is forcing us to work from our own homes. Home offices are exactly what they are called. Spaces in our home that become our office and work output. There are always so many temptations when working from home. Vastu can help you set up your home office for success!

Vastu provides some great tips to make the best of your home office space so that it supports your work, making you more productive, efficient and inspired.

Wouldn’t you want to have a home office that is energetically flowing with the Universe. Vastu is the original Feng-Shui that can help you create such an uplifting home office.

Here are several Vastu home office tips to get you started:

  1. Always avoid clutter in your home office. Keep your desk and the surrounding area free of clutter. Organize and sort out documents in bins or file cabinets to avoid disorganization which causes that energy then in your consciousness.
  2. North and East are the most beneficial directions to face according to Vastu Shastra teachings. North magnetic energy influences analytical thought patterns and would support accounting and bookkeeping activities, whereas the East solar energy will influence creativity for artistic or inspirational work.
  3. For best productivity and efficiency, new prospective work and ideas should be placed in the Northeast, with incoming repetitive work in the Southeast. Storing legal or other important documents in the Southwest, whereas, outgoing work or bills should be located in the Northwest.
  4. Never have your back to the door while working, it can foster distrust and a feeling of uneasiness.
  5. Rectangular desks create stability and is supportive to the user, especially wood desks that provide a grounding surface.

For more tips on Home Office Vastu and Energetic Home Office Vastu ( the original FengShui)contact me for a consultation.

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