Develop Vastu Consciousness

Vastu Purusha Yantra
Sacred Geometry Visualization

Developing Vastu consciousness means formulating a way of thinking that connects us with the Universe all around us. Vastu is the study of directional and elemental vibrations.

These vibrations are powerful enough to change how we think, what we feel and shift our perspectives on an unconscious level.

A yantra is a visual representation of “sacred geometry”, known to the ancient world as imagery that influences our mind if reflected upon long enough. “Sacred geometry” has been seen in many different ancient wisdoms, Egyptian, Roman, Indonesian and so many more. They produce results when studied that create a certain type of energetic thought form.

When I work with my clients in their homes, I use the Vastu Purusha Yantra to guide me! This is my very own Lady Vastu Vastu Purusha yantra. Vastu means Building and Purusha is the Spirit/ Energy/ Consciousness, call it what you will, that inhabits the building.

For more information on the Vastu Purusha Yantra please reach out to me.

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