Vastu Health and Well Being

Health and well-being during this period is so important on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

Vastu for Health and Well Being

Vastu can help us maintain our well being, and also create spaces in our homes that bring healing to our health on a mind, body and spiritual level.

With the coronavirus having such an impact on our lives these days, Vastu can bring guidance from an alternative perspective.

Health and vitality is affected by the our orientation to two specific directions East and Southeast. East is the direction of the rising Sun which supports our health and uplift our minds. In general, whenever the Sun is out we feel happier and healthier overall. Placing a water elemental feature such as a fountain in the East, North, or Northeast directions will create a feeling of well being, and support your health.

The Southeast is the direction of Venus and the element of fire is oriented in this direction in our consicousness. Fire is representative of light and heat, and vitality, strength and passion are stimulated from these influences. I would suggest placing a Himalayan salt lamp or candles in this direction to stimulate these energies.

Vastu Altars

Vastu altars can be extremely powerful in these two directions as well, if set up properly. Colors of altar cloths, as well as elemental placements on these altars of incense, candles, water, and crystals will further create areas of specific focus and intention to promote healing, health and abundance.

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