Lady Vastu Yantra Wallhangings


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These Yantra wallhangings are made from a delicate silk, and are a beautiful addition to any altar space. They can be hung or framed for visual reflection and contemplation.

Each one is designed with the sacred geometry of a direction that will influence your consciousness to open and receive blessings as it relates to love, health, wealth, career, and life success overall.

Sacred geometry is imagery that subtlety creates an influence of change and harmony in your environments.

Contact me if you need guidance on which energetic yantra would be best suited for your needs.

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Sun Yantra-Health & Status, Moon Yantra-Harmony & Relationships, Mars Yantra -Career & Recognition, Mercury Yantra-Communications & Finance, Jupiter Yantra-Growth & Well-being, Venus Yantra-Love & Vitality, Saturn Yantra-Authority & Discipline, Rahu Yantra-Individuality & Support, Ketu Yantra-Intuition & Protection


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