Lady Vastu Yantra Altar Cloths


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These altar cloths will create the ideal Vastu intentional altar setting to manifest your dreams.

Each color represents a directional or planetary energy that will connect you to a specific outcome such as love, money, health and career success.

Lady Vastu presents you with two beautiful options of rich velvet or linen. Each altar cloth is embroidered with the Vastu Environments logo in gold thread for a touch of elegance.

A rich velvet altar cloth with an embellished trim in the color of red, green, pink, blue, orange and yellow (not shown here). Size is 20×20 inches.

A linen altar cloth with a simple elegance in blue, black, white or burgundy. Size 19X19 inches.

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Color & Type

Red Velvet-Love, Courage & Career, Pink Velvet-Sensuality & Prosperity, Green Velvet-Money, Business & Wealth, Blue Velvet-Emotional Peace & Harmony, Orange Velvet-Vitality & Health, Yellow Velvet-Joy & Positivity – Not Shown, Blue Linen-Emotional Peace & Harmony, Black Linen-All Possibilities from the Void, White Linen-Purity & Optimism, Burgundy Linen-Status & Authority


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