Lady Vastu Pottery Collection


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These specialty hand crafted pottery items were designed specifically for the Lady VASTU collection to help support your visions and harmonize your environments.

Collect all four to create powerful spaces of intention.

VASTU Purusha Amulet -Protect your home with this powerful Amulet that is charged with the energy of the VASTU Purusha Spirit, the Spirit that lives within your home. Place in the center of your environment with the head to the Northeast.

Lady VASTU Intention Dish-An elegant dish that is placed in the center of your altar to hold your precious intentions. Comes with sacred paper upon which to write down your desired manifestations.

Lady VASTU Incense Holder- Place your favorite incense on your altar or anywhere you need a lift in this beautiful incense dish inscribed with the powerful Shree Yantra of prosperity and abundance.

Lady VASTU Shree Yantra Amulet- Harmonize your home or work environment with this  Amulet containing the sacred inscribed yantra of prosperity and abundance. Place by your main door or in the center of your environment.

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VASTU Purusha Amulet, Lady VASTU Intention Dish, Lady VASTU Incense Holder, Lady VASTU Shree Yantra Amulet


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