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My Lady Vastu Intention Bundle will include one Essential Oil Room Spray, one set of 15 Essential Oil Incense Sticks, and one Essential Oil Soy Candle. All in one beautiful little package with Lady Vastu flare.
These are bundles for specific Vastu directional and planetary manifestations. These will include one direction and planetary energy.

Targeted bundles created by Lady Vastu for more specific intentional purposes such as LOVE and WEALTH. These will include 3 different directions and planetary energies.

These items purchased individually would cost $60 plus $8 shipping. The special bundle price would be $54 plus $8 shipping.

See product line categories for detailed descriptions of individual products.

For Health, the Sun bundle will provide support of physical well-being, health and status.

For Emotional Peace and Harmony, the Moon bundle will support emotional stability, mental peace and harmony in your relationships.

For Career and Recognition, the Mars bundle will provide the courage and strength to move ahead in your work endeavors, and lead you up the ladder to recognition in your career.

For Finances, Wealth and Communication, the Mercury bundle will provide the support to discern and communicate in your transactions with others in business and finances. As a result, this will lead to more wealth and financial success.

For Growth, Well-Being and Spirituality, the Jupiter bundle is all about expanding! Our minds can be supported by this bundle by allowing us to see the bigger picture in all our endeavors, and subsequently grow.

For Love, Vitality and Sexuality, the Venus bundle is what gives us luster in life, the energy of sensuality, sexuality and love, love, love!

For Authority and Discipline, the Saturn bundle pushes us to get the respect we deserve from others, as well as give us the focus we need to reach our goals with tenacity and patience.

For Individuality and Support, the Rahu bundle provides universal support from family, friends and clients that helps promote who we are as individuals.

For Intuition and Protection, the Ketu bundle leads us to access our higher spiritual purpose, as well as protecting us from negative debilitating energies.

LOVE POWER BUNDLE: 3 directions and planetary forces make this bundle highly magnetic to drawing in love. One Venus Essential Oil Soy Candle, one Moon Essential Oil Set of Incense Sticks, and one Jupiter Essential Oil Room Spray. Love, Harmony and Expansion all wrapped up in one.

WEALTH POWER BUNDLE: 3 directions and planetary forces make this bundle highly magnetic to attracting wealth. One Mars Essential Oil Soy Candle, one Rahu Essenial Oil Set of Incense Sticks, and one Mercury Essential Oil Room Spray. Power, Support, Communications and Financial Success all wrapped up in one.

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Direction Bundle

Sun-East Bundle, Moon-Northwest Bundle, Mars-South Bundle, Mercury-North Bundle, Jupiter-Northeast Bundle, Venus-Southeast Bundle, Saturn-West Bundle, Rahu-Southwest Bundle, Ketu-Northeast Bundle, Love-Bundle, Wealth-Bundle


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