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Each set of handcrafted incense contains 15 essential oil sticks beautifully wrapped in a selected colored cloth associated to a certain Vastu quality that influences our spatial dynamics. Each incense set has been specifically crafted according to Vastu principles using essential oils that affect our consciousness in a specified manner to create a certain feeling in our environments which ultimately affects us on an individual level.

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In Vastu Shastra teachings, directions, planets and elements affect our body, mind and spirit. Healing incense can change your environment. These prescribed scents when placed in the proper location in our living or working spaces can an activate us on a subconscious level to feel and behave in a particular way that is beneficial to our wellbeing. The scents of this spiritual incense will activate and affect our environments and the spaces that support our health, relationships, finances, careers and life successes overall.

Incense sticks meaning:

This Sun-East-Essential Oil Cinnamon Incense includes 15 beautiful incense sticks with a blend of Seductive Sandalwood, Erotic Jasmine, and Youthful Tangerine. This healing incense will stimulate well-being, health and confidence within yourself and your environments.

This Sun-East spiritual incense will also awaken your status in life. Beautifully wrapped in a bright orange cloth that connects you to the power of the Sun and the direction of the East. Great in living rooms and other living spaces.

The Moon-Northwest Spiritual Incense includes 15 specially crafted incense sticks with a sweet and sensuous blend of Jasmine incense that shifts you to calm your emotions, harmonizing and creating a sense of peace as it relates to yourself and your relationships with others in your spaces.

This Moon incense is nurturing and supportive of your emotional mind. Wrapped in a deep royal blue cloth, this essential oil incense connects you to the power of the Moon and the Northwest. Bedrooms, main living areas or just about anywhere in your environment can highly benefit from this incense.

The Mars-South-15 Essential Oil incense sticks that are crafted to invoke from within you, a sense of conviction, drive, determination and courage. This Mars healing incense is a uniquely delectable, rich cinnamon twist blend of both cinnamon and bitter orange.

Mars and the South direction are fiery and passionate in their nature, stirring the same qualities within you. This spiritual incense will get you where you want to go in life, as it surrounds you in your environment to the power of Mars and the South. Home offices and studies are good places for this incense.

The Mercury-North Wealth incense sticks bring in a feeling of abundance from the North as it connects you to the intellect and wisdom of the Buddha. Relax into the calm and grounding of Cedarwood. These 15 essential oil incense sticks contain notes of woods and balsamic that blend beautifully, to help you focus and attract good communication and intellectual wisdom that can lead to better finances and more wealth.

Mercury wealth incense is purifying and grounding. Place the spiritual incense to the North to attract the magnetic energy of the North pole and the Earth element. Beautifully wrapped in an emerald green cloth, this incense will begin to shift the energetics around money and finances. Home offices, living spaces or anywhere in your environments would be great for this incense.

The Jupiter-Northeast spiritual incense includes 15 essential oil incense sticks of a mouth-watering blend of vanilla fragrance, which makes it uniquely delicious. This vanilla incense is not your typical sweet vanilla incense, but a deep scent that is rather earthy and rich because of the Peru Balsam inclusion.

Jupiter connects us to our inner light or “Guru” which in our homes is the direction of the Northeast, and the most spiritual part of our environment. Jupiter and the Northeast Vanilla incense is wrapped in a brown woodsy cloth to promote that connection to the grounding that supports our spaces and our lives. Meditation rooms, main entrances and foyers are a great location for this incense.

The Venus-Southeast Love incense infuses your environment with the energy of love, sensuality and sexuality. The love healing incense is uniquely called the “Garden of Eden” incense, and is a custom blend of Patchouli, Frankincense, Bitter Orange and Jasmine essential oils. These love incense sticks include 15 uniquely crafted incense and are a wonderful addition to your bedroom spaces. Enjoy them on a beautiful summer night with your partner or anytime you want to bring in some love and romantic play.

Venus is the planet of love and the Southeast connects us to our vitality and our energy levels for sexual relations. Get ready to stir up the romance and enjoy!

The Saturn-West spiritual incense sticks are crafted with a heavily scented patchouli dark essential oil. It is not for the faint of heart! These Patchouli incense sticks are earthy and full-bodied incense, stimulating and creating a sense of focus and discipline in our minds.

Saturn and the West direction enhance the energetics around focus, discipline and authority in our environments. These healing incense sticks are great in a study, library or living room.

The Rahu-Southwest spiritual incense sticks are quite the specialty! This sandalwood is incense has a warm, woody aroma loved the world over. Great for calming the Rahuvian desires. This healing incense creates focus and when placed in the Southwest of her environments, begins to invite in the energies of support from others and the Universe on all levels.

Rahu and the Southwest, the direction of support that is so often needed in our lives. This Sandalwood incense is best placed in living spaces, master bedrooms and home offices.

The Ketu-Northeast spiritual incense sticks are quite the specialty! This Clary Sage healing incense uplifts and brings balance into your life. The 15 Ketu essential oil incense sticks are meant to protect and bring us intuitive capabilities. This Clary Sage incense will fill your home with the scent of a rain-soaked forest. It will purify and cleanse the old state energy, refreshing and enlivening your space.

Ketu and the Northeast is the direction that supports our spiritual growth and protects us against unseen forces in nature. This Clary Sage incense is great for meditation, porches and other reflective spaces.

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Sun-East, Moon-Northwest, Mars-South, Mercury-North, Jupiter-Northeast, Venus-Southeast, Saturn-West, Rahu-Southwest, Ketu-Northeast


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