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Each 4 oz soy wax candle has been specifically crafted according to Vastu principles using essential oils that affect our consciousness in a specified manner to create a certain feeling in our environments that ultimately affects us on an individual level.

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In Vastu Shastra teachings, directions, planets and elements affect our body, mind and spirit. These prescribed scented candles when placed in the proper location in our living or working spaces can activate us on a subconscious level to feel and behave in a particular way that is beneficial to our wellbeing. The scents of these healing candles will activate and affect our environments and the spaces that support our health, relationships, finances, careers and life successes overall.

The Sun-East Health, Well-Being and Status spiritual candle is just that! A soy candle that will uplift your Spirits, well-being and presence in life. The Sun soy candle is a blend of Cinnamon leaf and cassia leaf essential oils reinforcing the aromas with tha spicy kick of cinnamon which we can all use to feel invigorated and healthy.

The Moon-Northwest Harmony and Relationship spiritual candle will bring healing to your emotions and relationships. This beautifully scented soy candle has a unique blend of Calla Lilly, Hydrangea and Cherry Blossom. The Moon aroma candle will benefit and assist in bringing peace and harmony to your mind and relationships.

The Mars-South Career and Recognition aroma candle is specifically crafted to add direction and purpose to your life. The Mars spiritual candle can assist you in your career, work life or wherever you may need it to propel you forward and gain the recognition you deserve. This Mars scented soy candle has a unique blend of Sweet orange and Sriracha to add a kick to your life where you need it.

The Mercury-North Communication, Finances and Wealth candle will enhance your space with aromatic scents of garden mint. This healing candle will stimulate your intellect, communication skills and financial success as it stirs up these qualities in your unconscious. The Mercury spiritual candle focuses on the “Buddhi” the enlightened mind, and stirs the senses with a mint essential oil infusion.

The Jupiter-Northeast Growth and Well-Being aromatic candle is decadently infused with Vanilla and Chestnut. This soy candle is so fulfilling with its delicious nurturing warmth. The Jupiter spiritual candle will stir positivity in you, to create growth and blessings in every aspect of your life. The Jupiter within each of us is connected to our own internal “Guru or Light.” This essential oil candle creates a sense of self-confidence and self-trust in ourselves.

The Venus-Southeast Love and Vitality candle is sweet, yet ever so seductive! This unique blend of Magnolia Peony infused within this aromatic candle will invigorate and excite the senses setting the stage for a romantic evening, as well as boosting your energy levels for a night of loving! The Venus soy candle is a perfect addition to your bedroom, or any romantic space.

The Saturn-West Authority and Discipline spiritual candle will create an atmosphere of focus, discipline and authority which we can all use at some point in our lives. It is a scented soy candle blend of teakwood and cedar that brings groundedness and stability to our homes. The Saturn aroma candle will also open up the channels to creative wisdom as it relates to this direction.

The Rahu-Southwest Individuality and Support spiritual candle is all about gaining support from the universe in our endeavors and desires. This blend of peppermint and eucalyptus is a potent essential oil candle that leaves us feeling grounded and strong. We can all use the universal support that this aroma candle will bring to our lives.

The Ketu-Northeast Intuition and Protection spiritual candle will guide you down the path of inner wisdom and intuition! The Ketu energy is known also for the protection aspect it offers. Use this healing soy candle to invoke the hidden intuition that can open the pathways to a new way of being. Notes of Rosemary and Sage make this a powerful mystical essential oil blend a perfect addition to any meditation space.

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Sun-East, Moon-Northwest, Mars-South, Mercury-North, Jupiter-Northeast, Venus-Southeast, Saturn-West, Rahu-Southwest, Ketu-Northeast


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