Vastu Products

Uniquely designed Lady Vastu products that support the Vastu process:

Maria has developed her own line of unique products to support the Vastu Process as you continue to evolve. Based on her guidance and prescriptive recommendation you can further enhance your journey to achieve your wishes and desires.

  • Sacred Mantra Charged Waters – Distilled water charged with crystals and sound vibration for the particular energetic needed to bring you healing
  • Sacred Prayer Flags – Silk yantras imprinted on a 3×3 square and hung on a silk cord for each of the directions, charged and personalized to you
  • Sacred Altar Cloths – Silk altar cloths with beautiful yantra representations that create the microcosmic space to create your reality
  • Sacred Candles – Created specially for Vastu Environments with essential oils to infuse the forces of Harmony, Prosperity and Abundance, Wealth and Love