The Importance of the Fire Element in Vastu

The Fire Element in Vastu is associated with two directions and two planetary forces.

First the direction of the Southeast in a home, and the planet Venus which influences health, vitality and energy levels, as well as sexuality and sensuality.

Secondly, the Fire Element is also associated with the direction of the South, and the planet Mars which influences your career success and dharma (life’s purpose)!

When the Fire Element is properly placed in an environment,  It will create and magnify blessings of good health and vitality, and bring career advancement and an overall sense of fulfillment in life.

Just as well, when placed in the wrong direction, It will create significant issues depending on the direction and planet It is influencing.

Place the Fire Element on altars specified for a directional and planetary purpose based on Vastu teachings and WALLAH! Vastu magic begins to unfold!

The Fire Element is placed on an altar in the South and Southeast, just like it would be in your home or office.