Small Business Consulting

Large or small businesses want growth, success

and recognition from those it seeks to serve.

Vastu addresses issues from profitability, financial growth, staff productivity, creativity and customer relations to unlock the key to true company growth.

Vastu can even address debt, legal issues and other business activities and transactions that all businesses face, at one time or another.

$150.00 an hour (4 hour minimum for a complete Vastu Business Implementation Plan as described below)

Vastu Environmental Energetic Process for in Small Business Consultation Package Includes:

Step 1: An introductory phone session to discuss the Vastu process and how it can work for you.

Step 2:An in-person consultation to meet you and the energy in your business space, as well as conduct and assessment of the energetic issues and challenges the business is having. ( Long-distance SKYPE consultations are available-See Remote Vastu Section of the Website).  In this consultation, we will also discuss and create an energetic business plan to uplift and shift the energies that are causing stagnation and challenges.  A review of sacred tools to be used during the process will be exhibited. See Step 4 for further discussion.

  • Specific Points of Interest: Profitability, Recognition & Reputation, Growth and Expansion, Creativity, Staff Productivity and Positivity. Other issues may include Debt Reduction, Rectifying leaking expenses, Theft, Legal Issues, and Overall Business Health and Success from Universal Support.

Step 3: (Optional) Recommended before the Vastu Energetic Movement Application in Step 4. Space Clearing with a Shamanic twist can be discussed to release stagnant energy in your business.  See Space Clearing Service provided in the link above.

Step 4:Vastu Energetic Movement Application performed using sacred tools included in the process as needed. During the Vastu Process an assessment of elemental placement, as well as, the locations of business functions,  desk arrangements for the employees, and color choices in the work place may be discussed based on the Vastu Purusha layout. A sacred ceremony is performed to close the process.

Step 5: Delivery of Report with findings and remedies made during the Vastu application  and Wrap-up Meeting with the client to discuss any questions

  • An exterior analysis of lot work performed to create a healthy and prosperous exterior boundary that bring in the benefic energies from the North and the East.
  • An interior analysis of architectural energetic walls created to move and improve the flow of stagnant or debilatating energies found in the residential space, and the remedies applied to the elemental misplacements per the Vastu Purusha paradigm used in ancient Indian texts.
  • A letter describing all findings and remedies which describes the effects of the deficiencies, as well as, the newly rectified energies that will be present after the process.
  • Any other suggestions or recommendations based on the Vastu teachings will be conveyed during the process and will be described and instructed in the letter as well.

Step 6: I understand the importance of ongoing support and continued guidance after your consultation has been completed. Clients who have invested in the Vastu Business Consultation Package will have the support they need to put changes into place.  If a more in-depth discussion, new issues, or lengthy questions arise that will take significant time to review and respond there will be an additoinal fee to accomodate the time needed to properly and adequately answer your questions. In such cases, the Vastu Support option is available (“Ask Maria Your Vastu Question).