Vastu Space and Energetic Consultations

What is a Vastu Space and Energetic Consultant and Healer?


lady vastu portrait pink dress white flowers 01As a Vastu space and environmental energetic consultant, I have learned the ancient knowledge to utilize and maneuver cosmic directional energies, as well as, environmental earth energies, so that you are in tune with the powers of the universe.

I will diagnose the layout of your environment and provide remedies and solutions to improve the overall energy flow to the forces of prosperity, abundance and harmony in your home or office.

Without major reconstruction, I will eliminate stagnant energy that can affect health, relationships, wealth and career growth. Thereby creating the most abundant and prosperous life that is available to you with effortless flow.

With powerful tools know as  yantras, unique symbols of design containing sacred geometry, and mantras, which are sacred sounds and vibrations, I will help move energy in the most beneficial way. Energy will harmoniously flow into your space drawing these natural inherent forces of the universe and the earth into your dwellings.

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