Designer’s Profile

Maria Geltrude, Certified Vastu Practitioner

Vastu Space Designer And Environmental Energetic Healer

maria geltrude lady vastuMaria Geltrude has been an entrepreneur and businesswoman for over 25 years. As a certified public accountant, she has been a partner in her own practice which she co-founded over 20 years ago. Maria has serviced a multitude of clients on a financial consulting level. During these interactions with her clients, she has become more and more aware of the energetic environments behind their successes and failures.

Several years ago, her personal interests in the study of eastern traditions and philosophies introduced her to the powerful science of Vastu Shastra.

Maria received her certification in Vastu Practice after completing three rigorous program levels through the American Institute of Vastu located in Carlsbad, California.

Maria has applied Vastu to homes and businesses to open their environments up to more prosperity and abundance. She will bring the ancient technology to your living and working environments.

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